50 Things to Do Together von What you make it



Über Pinterest habe ich diese Seite gefunden und finde die Ideen echt gut. Am liebsten würde ich Nummer 2 und 49 sofort umsetzten 🙂

Meine Lieblingsideen:
2. Use YouTube to teach yourselves something new – like salsa dancing!
6. Look at houses you would buy and dream of your future home.
10. Write a list of things you dream of doing in the future together.
15. Visit a tourist attraction in your city and go sightseeing.
16. Take a drive.
20. Go to a local event or festival.
22. Visit the local animal shelter and pet animals. 
25. Check out the local farmer’s market.
31. Work on your own hobbies, but in the same place at the same time.
32. Let your other half/roomie/whoever pick out the activity! Whatever it is, go all out and enjoy it, just to encourage him or her.
35. Play an interactive video game – like Wii Sports or Kinect. If you don’t have a system, borrow one!
44. Ride bikes. (Borrow them if you don’t have any.)
49. Learn how to play an instrument together.

Viele Grüße


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